Are we a perfect match?

Theoretical Orientation

Noyau counselors use a wide variety of theoretical orientations.  Our goal is to meet our clients where they are, and to do that we must employ a vast tool kit.  Most of our counselors have a foundation of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Person Centered, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Feminist Theory, and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.  We encourage all counselors to continue to evolve their viewpoints and grow in their clinical skills by exploring all counseling theories.

Noyau counselors also need to be assertive and self confident enough to offer straightforward constructive feedback when necessary.  At Noyau, we look for therapists who are insightful enough to understand when a gentle or more straight forward confrontation is necessary.  Our counselors know that balance and timing are key, and completely dependant on each client’s personality, comfort zone, and ability to accept genuine confrontation at different times throughout the process.


We encourage counselors to have a background in the nonprofit sector prior to entering private practice.  We feel the nonprofit sector does an excellent job of providing educational experiences where counselors are challenged and forced to grow.  We also believe that those who take the opportunity to work with clients in such great need demonstrate a passion for this field that we highly value.

Experience in Private Practice is also beneficial

Counselors at Noyau need a firm understanding of, and treatment modalities for, issues such as Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Issues, Sexual Issues, Grief, Trauma Recovery, Body Image Issues, Eating Disorders and Family Systems.

Continuing Education

Noyau counselors are lifetime learners.  We seek counselors who demonstrate their passion for learning and self growth, in addition to board required CEU’s.  We expect our counselors to practice exceptional self-care and continued exploration.  We value counselors who are already familiar with authors such as Brene Brown, Hal Rankel, the Gottman’s, Kristin Neff, Gretchen Rubin, Rachel Hollis, Jen Hatmaker, and Stephen Ilardi.

Because Noyau is founded on the mind/body connection principals, we seek like minded therapists who share our beliefs in this theory.  Counselors who understand the interconnectedness of our physical and mental wellbeing will fit well with our company mission.  We also believe in practicing what we preach, for that reason we expect our counselors to take an active role in their physical and mental health.  Noyau counselors help their clients understand this connection as well, and seek opportunities to learn new modalities of care to share with their clients.


A cornerstone to Noyau’s success is our high level of professionalism.  We see ourselves and our counselors as vital pieces in a client’s journey toward fulfillment, and we want our clients to see us that way also.  Noyau clients have high expectations for professionalism.  The majority of our clients are high functioning, successful individuals who are seeking a more meaningful life.  When choosing a therapist to guide them toward that goal, they seek out Noyau because we are seen as colleagues who match their level of success.  This image allows for a more trusting relationship and greater confidence in the therapeutic process.  For that reason, we employee counselors who exude that high level of professionalism.


At Noyau we place a high priority in developing an open and authentic culture of respect for all human beings.  We value diversity in all aspects of life.  Noyau works tirelessly to maintain an environment of safety and inclusion.  Because this value system is so treasured, we only work with those individuals who share our views on the importance of acceptance and inclusion of others.  We strive to keep positive attitudes and open minds.  We strive to maintain a judgement free work environment for our employees and require a non-judgemental attitude of counselors (both in the therapy room and out.)


Our clients come from every background and walk of life.  We welcome and invite different cultures, ethnicities, belief systems, religions, sexual orientations, and lifestyles.  Our therapists maintain an open and caring mentality towards clients of different backgrounds or lifestyles, as well as colleagues.

Noyau’s counselor seek to inspire change, empower others, offer compassion and validation of the human condition wherever we can.

Licensure and Professional Creditials

At Noyau we provide a comprehensive review of therapist qualifications, licensure, and certifications. Specifically, we review licensure type, licensure state, and affirmation license number, date of issuance and date of expiration. Additionally, we confirm educational background and commitment to continuing education. We will also conduct a review of your employment history. Lastly, we will want to know more about how you practice self-care, so that you can help Noyau clients become their best selves!

The Noyau App

Our Noyau app is secure, state of the art, and easy to use. We utilize 256-bit encrypted mobile app with privacy standards that meet or exceed all federal standards, including HIPAA, to ensure client/therapist confidentiality. At Noyau you will be issued your own tablet that is programmed only for Noyau use. You will use this device to communicate with clients and capture clinical documentation.

Counseling Experience and Personable Approach

Noyau therapists seek to inspire change, empower others, offer compassion and validation of the human condition wherever we can. We value diversity in all aspects of life. As a Noyau therapist, your professional experience and personable approach should embrace these values.

Availability and Commitment

As a fulltime therapist on the Noyau team, you will be available to respond to text and video messages as well as conduct scheduled video counseling sessions during normal hours of the work-week. We value responsiveness at Noyau and you’ll find that the Noyau App makes that simple for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Noyau only offer full-time positions for therapists?

Unlike the other tele-therapy providers who pay per unit of service, we are employing counselors on a full-time basis, paying competitive annual salaries and providing a comprehensive benefits package. We believe that a team of fulltime therapists helps us to maintain continuity and quality of the therapy process while also providing a more enriching professional experience for Noyau therapists.

How much can I expect to make per month?

As noted above, our therapists earn an annual salary. Paid bi-weekly, that salary is typically higher than what most therapists may earn in private practice. In addition, Noyau therapists may be eligible to earn bonus income by meeting or exceeding quality and compliance metrics that may be established from time to time.

What does the application process consist of and how long will it take?

The application process involves completing an on-line application, uploading of documents such as your resume, license, etc., and lastly a one-on-one video interview with a Noyau Practice Group Leader. The Practice Group Leader provides day-to-day oversight of our tele-therapy programs. Upon there being a decision to hire there is a final background check that is conducted. The entire process may take one-to-two weeks.

How many times should I expect to check in on Noyau clients?

Depending upon your assessment of the client’s needs, typically no more than one-to-three times after a client has messaged you. In some cases, however, you may find yourself making great progress with a client or needing to spend a little more time with a client who may be struggling. This may necessitate a more messaging with the client.

What kind of training may I expect from Noyau?

As part of your orientation process you will receive an introduction to the Noyau therapy methodology which integrates many of training modalities with which you are likely already familiar. You will also receive training on the app itself as it is the only way in which you’ll communicate with your Noyau clients. Lastly, you will receive training in Noyau policies and procedures as well as HIPAA compliance training.