A rash of bomb threats at Dallas-area schools leaves more questions than answers

hen it comes to getting out of class, there are about a million easier ways than calling in a bomb threat. And yet a number of area schools have already been on lockdown in 2013 as a result of students threatening violence.

Arlington Lamar High School, Colleyville Heritage High School, Highland Park High School and, most recently, R. L. Turner High School have all been victims of false alarms. In the case of Highland Park High School, three consecutive days of threats rang out on the campus, resulting in a thorough (and ultimately futile) search by police and bomb squad units.

Highland Park spokesperson Helen Williams says the series of bomb threats, which appeared in the form of handwritten letters, were the first such incidents she’s seen in her eight years with the district.

“What happened in Connecticut certainly brought the issue of school violence to the front of everyone’s mind,” she says. “We are continuing to look at every building and tighten security across all our campuses.”

Williams says HPISD is working with a former FBI agent to analyze the district’s buildings and develop new security standards. Although those efforts are important, Williams is equally concerned with educating students and parents to “keep and eye out speak up when they see something unusual.”

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